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Audition 35 large shots scene 1


Many thanks go to Peggy Brown for arranging the interview. My given name is Victor Allen and I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi and I come from a single parent home and I have one younger brother.

I was the piano player for my church for most of my teenage years. After that I went to college for six months and then I got an opportunity to try out for a gospel group called The Canton Spirituals and I ended up travelling, and touring with, and recording with them for about seventeen years.

I started with them when I was nineteen and we had a great deal of success. We toured every weekend. This was fromup until about That kinda prepared me and taught me all I needed to know about the music business including how not to get taken advantage of, because that goes on in gospel music just like it does in any other music. During my period with the Canton Spirituals it was the same singer that they have in the group now, the lead singer is Harvey Watkins Jrhis nephew Cornelius Dwayne Watkins and Merlin Lucious are the three main guys in the group.

He passed away, I think infrom "Audition 35 large shots scene 1."

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They have had different musicians come along but the main core remains the same. Theo Thompson was with "Audition 35 large shots scene 1" but he has left; he was an older gentleman and he retired from the travelling.

He was one of the originals with the group. I worked at the label as well as part of his touring group. I was with him for about a year, but there was one particular concert we did in Selma, Alabama and the Canton Spirituals were there and they saw me perform with Leonard and they approached me about possibly being part of their group and I auditioned and all that and it happened from there.

At the time the Cantons were not a very popular group, all of that came later, after their Audition 35 large shots scene 1 on Blackberry Records. I was doing support work and background vocals on the last two records, and on the records prior to that I was doing some lead vocals.

The last ten years with the group, I started dabbling with producing blues and southern soul. Willie and I developed a really close friendship and we are still very close now.

Since then I have produced many records for him.

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